About us

Where we came from

Where we are

Kickabo was founded in 2020 at the height of the first covid-19 lockdown. People said we were crazy to open a brewery at such a strange time, and we'd probably agree with them, but you need a little crazy to create genius.

Our microbrewery sits in Burslem, at the heart of the Six Towns of Stoke-on-Trent, a place renowned for its history of producing a glut of creative thinkers and craftspeople. The area usually gets a bad rap in the press, but we're proud to call the Potteries our home.

What we do

We currently have a 3BBL brewhouse, which means we have a tiny output compared to some of the macro brewers of the world. However, our small brewhouse gives us massive flexibility when it comes to creating new and exciting recipes.   

Our beers are heavily inspired by our travels around the world. From the hop-bombs of American craft beer, to the dark malty notes of German Dunkels, the crisp and crushable bia hoi of Vietnam and the sour and fruity lambics of Belgium, wherever we go, we love to try the local tipple. It's these new, unusual and wonderful flavours from around the world that we love to work into our own beer recipes.  

Where we're going

At the moment, we're happy just being your friendly neighbourhood independent family run microbrewery, but that doesn't mean we haven't got our sights on bigger and better things for the future. Follow us on social media and watch our journey unfold.